World & Bible History, Paralleled

Future course.

This exciting course will cover the history of the mankind while pointing out biblical events occurring simultaneous to it, providing a richer understanding of both.  This perspective is rarely presented so don’t miss it!

Hundreds of secular historians have attempted to cover history beyond written records. Such an approach is inherently speculative and risks significant error.  This is antithetical to historical accuracy.  A wise person once put it this way – “In the absence of facts, myth rushes in, the kudzu of history.”   If history is nothing else, it must be accurate.

With this in mind, this course will confine itself to human history that is recorded, that is, history supported by written records.   Since the earliest written accounts of human activity began around 4,000 B.C., that is where the course begins and it proceeds from this point right up to the present day.

World & Bible History, Paralleled contains 16 lesson.  Each lesson is designed to be completed in a weeks’ time, with the course taking one semester to complete.  This means that each lesson will require about 3 hours to complete  This can be done in one extended session, or several shorter sessions — it’s up to the student.  Regardless of the approach taken, the student is strongly advised to study and view all material of each lesson before attempting the associated quiz.

Course Information

Estimated Time: One semester

Difficulty: Intermediate