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If you need anything, please email me at:  rob@whizkidz.netPicture

The author of this website is Rob Rumfelt.  Rob and his wife Debbie live in Opelika, Alabama, have 10 children and have been homeschooling for over 20 years.  Of their children, five have graduated high school (5 times 13 grades = 65 years) and the younger five account for 38 more.  That’s 103 total school years of teaching (most of it by Debbie). Amazingly, we haven’t been carried away in straight jackets by little men in white coats!

Rob has a gift and passion for teaching. He also has a background in an unusual number of technologies.  These include: technical training, commercial radio and television broadcasting, RF and electronics, medical treatment, nuclear inspection, construction, project management,  manufacturing, and many others.  He is also a military veteran (U.S. Navy), holds a bachelors degree (Communication), has a patent pending (concussion preventing football helmet) and has delivered three of their children at home (no midwife).