Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for these courses?
The primary audience is the age range of 12 -18.  That said, our 7 year old son has benefited from it as have those college age and older.  It has also been used by “non-students” wanting to brush up on things for their job.

How long do the lessons take?
IT depends on the course.  In the Science & Technology course, a few lessons can take as few as 20 minutes while a few others can take more than an hour.  Generally, they take between 35 -45 minutes.

Can I access the site on any device such as a cell phone or tablet?
Yes!  We designed it with this very much in mind.  As long as you have web access are subscribed, you can access the site, even while traveling.

Can the courses be used for homeschool credit?
Absolutely!  That’s primarily why the site was created … at the request of homeschool parents.  But non-homeschoolers can use it, too.  How you use it is up to you.

I can’t login to the site/my courses.  What do I do?
First of all, please accept my apology.  I don’t want this to ever happen but it does.  Please email me promptly.  In most cases, this can be resolve the same day.  My email is:

I don’t remember my login.  Can you help me?
Yes.  Email me at and we’ll fix it promptly.

If I have more than one student taking the same course.  How do they take separate quizzes?
You can do so by creating a unique login for each person (requires a unique email address).  That way, they can take the quiz separately. Remember, one donation is good for the whole family so you only pay once.  If you lack enough unique email addresses for your students, email me ( and I’ll create the number you need, e.g.,

Can I tell others about so they can benefit from it?
PLEASE DO!  This is our lifeblood.  If you appreciate the site and know others that can benefit from it, please … spread the word!  We’ll even give you a free course for doing so (see below).

Do you offer an incentive if I get others to sign up?
Absolutely!  We’ll give you a free course to any existing, paid subscriber for each new subscriber you send to us.  To get credit for it, all you need to do is email me the new subscribers details along with the course you’d like.

Why do you ask for donation for courses?
We are a non-profit and accept donations.  We ask for support as we incur domain, web hosting, web design and payment processing fees.  In addition, hundreds of hours are required to build and maintain this site.  We also have to put together all lesson plans, provide grading, produce certificates and also answer a great deal of email.  It can approach a full time job at times.  If you search the web, you will find that some courses cost much, much more.  In some rare cases, a single course can run $500 – $1,000.  How some people can afford that blows us away!  This sight was birthed over the idea (actually, the need!) for an affordable alternative.

What if we can’t afford to make a donation?
By dropping the cost of the course so drastically, we feel we have made it affordable to everyone.  It is currently at an introductory price which is a “family” price –  no matter how many in your household use it.  (Be advised that the price will increase this Fall).  If you truly cannot afford the introductory amount, email me ( and we’ll work something out. 

What forms of payment are accepted?
We use Stripe for payment processing which accepts all the typical payment methods available online.  

Once I pay for a course, how long is my access for?
(Yep, I ended a sentence with a preposition —  shame on me!)  Once you pay for a course, your have access to it for one year unless otherwise indicated.  The exception is Platinum members who have lifetime access.

Do we have to pay separately for each household member that accesses the course?
No.  A one-time course subscription covers all members of your immediate household. That said, please don’t share logins with anyone outside your home.  The price is low enough that, to date, we are operating in the red.  Abusing this subscription policy is dishonest, unethical, and impairs our ability to keep the site going or offer new courses.

How are grades handled?
Quizzes are automatically graded immediately upon completing them.  Students have access to their grades at any time.  

Besides Science & Technology, will you be offering other courses in the future?
If time permits in the future, yes.  However, due to work commitments we had to forego adding some of the courses we had intended to add for the Fall 2017.  Life.  It has a way of botching your best plans.

What is the authors background and credentials?
You can learn more about this on the About/Contact Us page.

Do you use videos by non-believers or those known to oppose creationism?
At no time do I knowingly use any videos that express anti-biblical views.  As a father of 10, no one is more wary of the kind of stuff that get0s weaved into videos, shows and movies than I.  That said, provided a video is instructive and meets this standard, I will use it.  My view is that God can — and often does use unbelievers.  Just because someone may not have come to faith yet does not negate their gifting.  One such example is Bill Nye, a self-avowed agnostic.  Despite his public position in opposing creationism Nye is nonetheless gifted at explaining basic scientific principles in an effective, often humorous fashion.  I am very careful to review his videos to ensure that there is nothing overtly anti-biblical.  Any that do won’t be used on this site and I have eliminated far more than I have used.  In fact, the most time-consuming part of building this site is having to screen every second of every video, resulting in eliminating 80-90% of them due to content issues (language, inappropriate visuals, climate change propaganda, etc.).  If you feel any content falls short of this standard, let me know.  I promise I will address it if it falls short of this standard.

Is it legal and ethical to link to videos by others such as YouTube?
Yes.  In fact, this is done millions of times each day by users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.  YouTube actual encourages this as it drives more traffic to their site which allows them to run their (somewhat obnoxious) ads.  (Be advised that i have zero control of what ads run, something that I don’t like.)  As to ethics, by using these videos we drive traffic to the producers of the videos, something they want, too.  There are absolutely no infringement of any kind.   Quite the contrary, we help promote these people’s work.

Why does the site use videos by others?  Why don’t you create your own, or teach live?
First of all, the overwhelming number of people we talk to want to be able to use the material “on-demand”, that is, when it’s convenient for them, not the instructor.  Recorded instruction affords that.  Secondly, we plan to create videos of our own eventually.  That said, creating (and editing) well-produced videos takes TONS of time. And as a former video editor in commercial TV, I have a decent feel for how involved that is.  Thus it will be some time before that’s possible.  Until then, why reinvent the wheel?  An amazing amount of really good content is already created, on YouTube and elsewhere.  As we received a request to produce the Science & Technology course in record time (just over a week), the only way to do it was to leverage existing material.  And the response to what we created has been overwhelmingly positive.

Who uses this site?
About 85% of our subscribers are from the U.S. with the others from overseas, including China, Japan and Europe!

Couldn’t I just create my own set of links to online educational videos?  Why donate when I can just do it myself?
If you have about 250 hours of spare time, you absolutely can hunt down and compile a list of online educational videos for almost any subject.  Then you can spent another 200 hours or so organizing the links sequentially, by lessons.  Then you can spend another 200 hours or so finding a quiz generator and building all the quizzes for each lesson, to say nothing of grading them.  Get the point?  Sure, you can do it stuff yourself but very, very few people have the time and skills to do so.  I intentionally built the site to be turnkey.  As a parent, about all you have to do is provide your student(s) online access.  Students simply follow the lesson sequentially and take a quiz at the end.  As a parent, about all you have to do is check the quiz results and determine their grade.  When you realize the sheer amount of time, organization and know-how is required to make it turnkey — to say nothing of how easy it makes life for you, the homeschooling parent, the per course price is pretty hard to beat.


If you do not see your question answered here, please email it to:   We may add it to this list!